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ICO / Crowdfunding

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Why a new, better and different facebook?

Whatsup, a new social medium, not driven by advertisement and moneygreed, protects your data using the blockchain technology

Facebook sells you.

On Whatsup you are in charge.

Facebook has a lot of drawbacks. Not only by showing you advertisements, but even more in collecting all kinds of information from your behaviour on the web. The recent Cambridge Analytical scandal shows how this collecting can be used to influence you and the choices you make. And even if they would stop by showing you openly advertisement they can still collect your data and use them to make money and influence you. Whatsup, won't show you any advertisements and won't collect your data.

But how can you be sure we don't fool you? That is by using the blockchain technology.

Any piece of information you upload to whatsup will be stored in a blockchain. And whenever anything happens with your data, f.i. you upload a story or a video, the blockchain changes and you will know. So you are the only one who can change your blockchain, by adding or deleting your info, if we try to do it, you will know. This is called "trust-free". You do not have to trust us we won't do anything with your information. We simply cann't.

what do you get in return for your money?

You get whatsupcoins (cryptocoins) for the money you pledge. For every dollar you pledge you get 20 whatsupcoins. These can be used to pay for the subscription to whatsup. They are not shares and they don't give you a return on investment or a saying in the policy of the company. They can be used as a token on the site. Or they can be sold at exchanges. One whatsupcoin is worth initialy $ 0,05.
pledge before june 17th 12 pm UTC and you recieve a bonus of +20% whatsupcoins
pledge before july 1st 12 pm UTC and you recieve a bonus of +10% whatsupcoins.
The ICO ends july 31 , 12 pm UTC. A total of 100.000.000 tokens are available. Unsold tokens will be burned.
Why should you pledge money?

1 you don't want social media to fool around with your photo's, video's or texts.
2 You want to make money with whatsupcoins by selling on cryptoexchanges.
(After this startup, people will have to buy whatsupcoins on exchanges if they want a cheap subscriptionrate. This will make the coins more expensive because there will be a shortage in coins. For subscriptions the amount of whatsupcoins needed per month will remain having the value of $ 0.50)
3 you can use money or coins to pay for the subscription for Whatsup.
(by not showing advertisements we must have an alternative for paying for our costs). There will be three ways of paying for Whatsup:
paying with money like dollars or euro's (expensive, $ 5 per month)
paying with crypto like bitcoin, ether or VeThor (moderate, $ 2 per month)
paying with whatsupcoins ( $0,50 per month)
You can also use the whatsup coin for other uses on the whatsup site.

But: there is much more:
Whatsup will have more new features. We are not just a new and safer Facebook:

Whatslook: you can customize your homepage and timeline, regarding f.i. color and layout

Whatsnew:Whatsup doesn't show you a long list of posts by your friends or makes a selection based on what we think you would prefer. You are in charge:
Whatsnew shows you all the new posts one by one for a few seconds. You can stop it and read one more carefully if you please, or you can speed the proces up. If people want it, they can add a short sentence or music to their post. But you can turn that off, if you prefer. You are in charge.

Whatsnice: You can flag particularly nice posts so you can recall them easily.
There are several ways of ordening the posts you recieve from your friends: f.i. family; a particular friend or a group of friends (work, study, certain hobbies, etc). You can also ordening the new posts so you see preferred new posts from your friends first.

Whatssuper: you can, with a click, nominate superposts. Superposts are posts you think are awesome, posted by others (you cann't nominate your own posts). Every post can be nominated: a story, a photo of your loved ones, a video of a cat, whatever. On a special page you can watch the most nominated posts. And click them, if you like them. Each month a winner will recieve $ 100 worth of whatsupcoins. You can read all the winning posts on a hall-of-fame page.

Whatsbonus: bring in new members! For every new member you get, after we KYC-ID'ed them (see below), $ 10 in whatsupcoins. Only after KYC-ID members can be accepted for this bonus because we want to avoid fakeaccounts.

Whatsupstore: As a KYC-ID member you will be able to sell items in the whatsupstore, using cryptocurrency

Whatscrypto: We shall give everybody who is not familiair with cryptocurrency and blockchain the opportunity to follow a tutorial. When completed you'll understand why this is a great development and we shall give you some whatsupcoins as well, so you can make an easy start.

Whatsinthenews: on a special page you can comment on developments in the news: political, science, anything you'd like to share with the community. Only members with a verified KYC-ID (see below) can posts, to avoid spam and fakeposts. It will always be possible to delete (parts of your) account. When you delete something, it will be totally erased from our files as you can see in the blockchain.

KYC: (Know Your Customer) we shall give you the possibility to ID yourself. We will add a flag, just like twitter, to show your account is verified as part of our program to avoid fake accounts. As a verified customer, you can post small notes, e.g. for notification of an event (party, music, theater etc), readable for everybody who'd like to recieve them, in a
As a verified customer you can try to contact people outside your direct whatsupfriends. Your id, photo, age and gender will be shown to avoid fake notifications. rules: We want whatsup to be fun for everybody on the internet. One step in preventing unpleasant behaviour of people is the KYC-ID procedure, but we will make it clear we want decent conversations between members. Freedom of expression is a very important issue, but lets be nice to each other.
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